eHealthConnecticut Designated as a Chartered Value Exchange

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services designated eHealthConnecticut and 10 other community collaborators as Chartered Value Exchanges (CVEs) - representing local collaborations of health care providers, employers, insurers, and consumers working jointly to improve care and make quality and price information widely available. CVE designation will provide eHealthConnecticut with access to information from Medicare that gauges the quality of care that physicians provide to patients. These performance measurement results may be combined with data from the Connecticut Health Quality Cooperative to produce a more comprehensive guide to the quality of care in Connecticut. In addition, eHealthConnecticut will join a nationwide Learning Network sponsored by the HHS Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. This network will provide peer-to-peer learning experiences and technical assistance opportunities through facilitated meetings face-to-face and on the web providing the Connecticut Health Quality Cooperative with the resources necessary to continually improve its efforts to provide Connecticut residents with the highest quality of care.

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